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When law firm associate Jake Green is called in to assist with the investigation of a major American oil company and star client, North Petroleum, he quickly finds himself embroiled in a global power struggle. U.S. Attorney Arthur Benson is convinced that North is behind a recently uncovered mass grave in the Middle East, while North’s power-broker CEO Bruno Sinclair is equally determined to snuff out the investigation…and anyone else who gets in his way.

As the investigation in New York barrels forward, North’s activities unravel in the Middle East, where American recruits working for a private security contractor are finding themselves increasingly ensnared by the violence that surrounds them. But could the trials and tribulations of a couple of nobodies like Jim Gavins and Chuck Murphy be behind the investigation of a major American corporation? As Jake and his cohorts uncover the truth about North’s dealings, the circles of violence begin to close in on them, and they soon find that they must make a choice about what becomes of them in this world.

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“This thriller by Joffe, himself a New York City lawyer, is reminiscent of the early works of John Grisham and provides a similar insider indictment about the moral quagmire of corporate law… Fast-paced and chilling.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Paper Soldiers offers a riveting look at choices made in the shadows of power.  With assured pacing and uncompromising prose, Joffe brings dim (and perhaps familiar) struggles into needed light.  If Joffe’s goal was simply to entertain – he succeeded.  But readers will surely find this debut worthy of a higher measure.”

Ryan McGraw

IP Attorney

“Masterfully written with suspense and grace, Paper Soldiers will leave you stunned!”

Janice Rossi


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About The Author

Joe Joffe is a writer and a lawyer based in New York City. Joe creates works of fiction and non-fiction and has published articles on law, society and culture. Joe is a graduate of Columbia Law School and previously worked for a law firm in New York.

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